International Conference
RANLP - 2009

/Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing/
September 14-16, 2009, Borovets, Bulgaria

RANLP-associated Workshops - September 17-18


W1: Multilingual resources, technologies and evaluation for central and Eastern European languages (17 Sept)
(Cristina Vertan, Stelios Piperidis, Elena Paskaleva and Milena Slavcheva)

W2: Adaptation of Language Resources and Technology to New Domains (17 Sept)
(Nuria Bel, Erhard Hinrichs, Kiril Simov and Petya Osenova)

W3: Natural Language Processing methods and corpora in translation, lexicography, and language learning (17 Sept)
(Viktor Pekar, Iustina Narcisa Ilisei, and Silvia Bernardini)

W4: Events in Emerging Text Types (eETTs) (17 Sept)
(Constantin Orasan, Laura Hasler and Corina Forascu)

W5: 1st Workshop on Definition Extraction (18 Sept)
(Gerardo Eugenio Sierra Martínez)

W6: Biomedical Information Extraction (18 Sept)
(Guergana Savova, Vangelis Karkaletsis and Galia Angelova)


Contact Information: ranlp09 [ AT ] lml ( dot ) bas ( dot ) bg

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